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Dear Alessya

All the photos that are made are uploaded to this webpage. The photos are still unedited. Because of this, the photos may appear (much) lighter or darker than the edited result will be. The tone, colours and the way the photo is cropped will also be edited.  

If you have special editing requests, please feel free to contact me (i.e. making the ears pin forward, closing a opened mouth, opening a closed eye, making clothing or body more streamlined). 


If you click on one of the previews, the name of the picture will be shown ("6H5A..."). When you made your decision, could you send me those names? 

Within your selected packages remain: 

  • 8 photoson web format with logo

  • From these 8 photos, 4 photos are eligable to be chosen on high resolution without logo

    Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out!


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